About Us

kwality Education is an innovative market leader in providing school management software and solutions.

Our Mission is To Make Every School Efficient and Progressive and Safe For Children and School Staff.

Our Values are:

1. One team culture

2. Share with community

3. Ask more than tell our clients

4. Build a future ready solution

Our Journey:

We started kwality Education with the core idea of providing efficiency and ease for school administration and parents. Our initiation was a great success and many schools adopted this approach and also got involved in shaping the product for future needs.

In the following years, kwality Education became a full school management software, providing best practices in every area of school management. Our success was in our agile approach and listening ear. We continuously heard our client schools feedback and enhanced the products. And this culture continues in everything that we do.

ith a footprint across several countries, and having partnered with the best technology providers and distributors, kwality Education is the most sought after school management software for school administrators, teachers, parents, and students. The credit for this strong company and product goes to our kwality Education team, our key mentors and very supportive shareholders.

kwality Education believes in working with its Clients and developing lasting partnerships, it extends full service support while also constantly upgrading its products to stay aligned with the changing society and school requirements.

For any information please feel free to write back to us or visit us in any of our worldwide regional offices.

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First Choice Of Several Schools and Parents Worldwide

School Benefits

1.Increased Engagement of Parents

2.Increased Operational Efficiency

3.Fair bit of Printing Cost Saving

4.Improved School Image

5.Fully organized and anywhere, anytime system eliminating the needs of having multiple systems.

Parent Benefits

1.Contribute in the growth of your children’s future

2.Never feel missed out on School Activities

3.All information is Organised and Accessible on the go


“This is a wonderful application saves us a lot of money and time.” – School Principal “Our biggest challenge was to keep parents up to date on what is happening in the school. And kwality Education has reliably solved this for us.” – School Administration “Thank you kwality Education for bringing me close to my child’s education journey.”

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